Welcome to the Updated SportsFive.NET

With the addition of the GLaxFive.NET site for the girls, we have decided to use SportsFive.NET as the “Hub” for the various sports we cover now, and perhaps others in the future. It also gave allowed for some major display changes for the popular website.

Why the changes to SportsFive? There are a number of reasons. A top issue relates to the change in the way users look at the web site. In the last few years there has been a steady increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets and a decrease in the use of desktop computers. In response, we have restructured the pages to load faster and look better on the newer, smaller devices.



Lax Lines

We have decided to open up an additional portal and hope to use it to publish some stories about the history of Section Five lacrosse and, perhaps, to add some commentaries on affecting the scholastic lacrosse world. Check it out here.



Boys Lacrosse in Section Five

Since the spring of 2000, the boys lacrosse site has become the definitive source for information in NYS Section Five, located between Syracuse to the East and Buffalo to the west. Now, after sixteen years there are over 5,600 player profiles, thousands of stories and reports and lots of photography. Visit BLaxFive.NET for Boys Lacrosse.

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Community Board

New for 2019 - Community Bulletin Board

With the closing of the Laxpower.com web site by Active Sports Network, the lacrosse community lost another lax-oriented forum board.

The Section Five sub-board on Laxpower was a somewhat small, but active place where a number of knowledgeable fans were able to share their ideas, their observations and their hopes for the teams in the Section. After some discussion and offers of help, we have opened up a Community Board for Section Five. Visit SportsFive Boards.



Girls Lacrosse in Section Five

After msny requests over the years, in 2016 the GLaxFive.NET site was opened for the girls of Section Five. As the first site dedicated to the local girls game, the first season was successful. Visit GLaxFive.NET for Girls Lacrosse.

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